Here at Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas, compassion is the core purpose of our services. We love building long-lasting relationships, and we value every single person that we care for. It’s not just a job to us: It’s a mission. You and your loved ones come first.

We are here to help put an end to elder abuse by being ethical, professional and straightforward every step of the way. Here at Golden Heart, we practice the Golden Rule: We treat you and your family the same way we’d want to be treated.

About Our Outstanding Companion Care:
Our caregivers come to you to provide reliable in-home care. Our companion care options are flexible, and we strive to work with all interested parties to put together the most beneficial care plan possible. You can rest comfortably knowing that your loved ones are safe and entertained.

From interactives games to reading, our trained experts take pride in making sure our seniors get a unique experience that will exceed expectations. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We only hire the best caregivers (including Certified Nursing Assistants) to ensure our staff members know how to provide high-quality care every time.

Here four examples of how our Companion Care offering puts our seniors’ well-being atop our priority list:

Escorts to appointments (doctor, physical therapist, family events, religious services, etc.) – We can help you navigate your way to many different important appointments and keep you company throughout the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Conversations / Relationship Building – Engaging in conversation keeps the mind, body and spirit sharp. It also improves everyday morale and provides seniors with an experience they look forward to.

Reading, Writing, Arts and Crafts – No matter someone’s age, stimulating the mind is critical. We offer many activities that help improve memory, focus, and cognitive skills.

Walking & Exercise – Health and safety are two things we take seriously. In addition to helping with medication reminders, we will accompany our seniors during walks or exercise routines to make sure they have necessary assistance ready.

And, that’s just our Companion Care offering! Here at Golden Heart Senior Care, we have many programs available that we will discuss in future blog posts just like this. Some other services we provide include Home Care, Personal Care, Memory Care and Free Assisted Living Placement!

Call or email us today for details. We look forward to seeing how we can assist you and your loved ones improve their happiness and overall quality of life.

Phone: (214) 216-6781

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