In the previous generation of baby boomers, families had multiple family members to take care of their elderly parents.  The following generations did not have as many children which meant there are less family members to care for them.  Also, the new generation is more mobile and may not live in the same city to assist their elderly parents.  This is one of the reasons home care has significantly grown in demand.  One challenge home care creates is the associated cost of care.  The families need care but also have to be able to afford it.  This leads families to explore options between hiring a home care agency or a private caregiver.  There are benefits and risks associated with both.  We will discuss how each of the options work and their associated benefits and risks.

Hiring a Home Care Agency

Hiring a home care agency is a good choice for a number of reasons.  The agency has to pass state requirements in order to operate as a business.  This means that agencies have to conduct activities like training, background checks, and contingency planning.  Choosing a home care agency is a safer route because they have to remain within state guidelines to operate.  Good home care agencies are licensed and bonded, meaning they have adequate insurance in place for theft and emergencies.  A home care agency also has multiple caregivers so a replacement caregiver can provided if the primary caregiver is unavailable.  Having a backup caregiver can provide a family with confidence that someone will always be available so their family member is not neglected.  One of the drawbacks of a home care agency is the cost.  The agency has to pay for the caregiver, insurance, and staff associated with coordination of care. 

Hiring Private Caregiver

Hiring a private caregiver is an attractive option for some families due to costs.  A lot of families choose this option because the cost of care is sometimes lower than hiring an agency.  The families interview the caregivers on their own.  There are some families that are successful at finding a good caregiver on their own.  There are a lot of families who choose this option and have problems.  There are also a lot of risks associated with hiring a caregiver on your own.  First, the families may not have information on the background of the caregiver coming into the home.   The caregiver could have a less than desirable or criminal background that the family is unaware of.  Also the caregiver may not have insurance coverage.  If an incident occurs with care, the caregiver may not have coverage to pay for the mistake or possible theft.  A caregiver is typically an individual being paid directly by the family.  If the caregiver gets sick, there may not be a replacement caregiver available to provide backup for care.  This means an elderly family member may be left at home by themselves when care is needed. 

Best Optionhome care agency

We believe hiring a home care agency is the safest option for families.  The main benefit of hiring a private caregiver is to save money due to the perceived lower cost.  Believe it or not there are times the costs of hiring a private caregiver is close to the cost or the same cost as hiring an agency.  A home care agency provides the additional benefits of backup care, insurance, training, and background checks.  This means the family is sufficiently covered if something arises.  The money saved hiring a private caregiver could be easily lost if something catastrophic occurs at the home.

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  1. Jordan says:

    My grandmother could really use some home care services, and I think that being able to get some help would be good. I’m glad you talked about being able to get in home care being the best option. I’m glad you talked about some things we can do, and ways we can end up getting the best care for my grandmother possible!

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