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If you have been searching for elderly care services you have likely come across the term ADL’s.  So what does ADL stand for?  It stands for activities of daily living.  These are the activities that include eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and continence.  ADL’s are important because they are essential for a person to live and maintain a good quality of life.  As we age some or all of those activities become difficult to perform depending upon our personal health situation. 

Not being able to perform the basic ADL’s is why families become concerned about seniors remaining alone at home.  The concern is valid because there are a number of risks associated with remaining alone at home as we age.  An elderly parent or grandparent may not maintain a good diet or eat on a regular basis.  The senior may not bath on a frequent enough bases to prevent irritations or odors.  Even worse an elderly family member may fall with no one there to assist them or tend to them if there is an injury.  There are a few elderly care services for seniors who need assistance with activities of daily living.  The most common options are home care, assisted living, and nursing homes. 

Home Care for Elderly Care Services

Home care is a good affordable and immediate option for families looking for elderly care services.  The family can locate a quality agency like Golden Heart Senior Care and start care within a day or two.   A detailed plan of care can be developed to address the exact activities the elderly family member needs.  Also the senior can remain in the comforts of their own home without changing their lifestyle or environment.  The costs can be controlled by paying for care only when needed. 

Assisted Living

Another care option is to consider moving the senior into an assisted living facility.  An assisted living facility is designed so seniors have good accessibility to move around with nearby amenities.  Assisted living facilities provide environments and activities for seniors to interact with others that can be good for their health and well-being.  If a senior needs assistance with ADL’s the facility may have care services onsite to assist them.  The downside is that assisted living facilities can be quite expensive.  In addition the senior will have to move out of their home which sometimes can be unsettling. 

Nursing Home

The last option is a nursing home.  A nursing home may be necessary option for a senior that needs more attention including continuous care.  Residents will have a nurse or aid frequently present to assist with ADL’s on a daily basis.  What is not preferred is that the senior will likely have to share a room with another resident and limited privacy.  Similar to an assisted living facility the senior will have to move out of their home into the facility.

We recommend starting off with home care.  Home care is the most reasonable option of the elderly care services for the senior.  The senior can remain at home in a familiar setting.  They will have to adjust to someone coming into their home, but the adjustment is very minimal.  In addition, the costs of care are significantly less than moving into a facility.  Costs are a large factor to keep into consideration especially since seniors are on a limited income.  An in-home caregiver can provide one on one care that some of the facilities cannot provide.  A home care an agency can pair a specific caregiver to the senior so that they can establish a routing and a relationship.  This helps put the senior at ease.

If you would like to learn more about elderly care services, call Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas at 214-272-2188.  One of our care professionals will be happy to assist you with any questions about care.

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