Home Care Dallas: Seniors and Vision ChangesOver the years, your aging adult may start to notice that her eyes just don’t work as well as they used to. That’s when making some smaller changes can net her some big results.

Increase and Improve Lighting Everywhere

For many people, improving existing lighting and even increasing the amount of light available can make a tremendous difference in how well they’re able to see. Go through your elderly family member’s home with her and determine where she spends the most time and what she’s doing in those rooms. This can help you to assess the lighting and determine what needs to be added or upgraded.

Use Natural Light as Much as Possible

Natural lighting can be far more useful than most people think. Use natural lighting wisely, however. If there are concerns about privacy, consider adding films to the windows that allow in lighting but that block out prying eyes. Keep in mind the season, as well. Opening curtains on the west- or south-facing windows during a hot summer day allows too much heat in, whereas doing the same on a winter day can allow natural heating sources to help keep the house warmer.

Reduce Glare So it Doesn’t Compete

Glare can make it difficult for your senior to differentiate between what she thinks she’s seeing and what’s actually there. Reduce the effects of glare by adjusting mirrors and picture frames so that they’re less likely to reflect light into someone’s eyes. Also, consider matte finishes on surface materials, paints, and furniture. Make sure that you let other people who help with your senior, such as other family members or elderly care providers, when the glare tends to be worst in certain rooms and how you counter it for your senior so they can do the same.

Look for Ways to Use Contrasts

Contrasting colors get attention, which is why advertisers tend to use them in their marketing. Contrasts also make it easier for your aging adult to make out safety hazards and other items around her. if her home doesn’t include a variety of contrasts now, consider making some changes to incorporate more contrasting colors throughout the house.

Remember that sudden vision changes are something you should talk with your elderly family member’s doctor and eye doctor about right away.

Get Help in the Home

Senior companions are a great help for seniors who need a little assistance around the house. Light laundry, light housekeeping, errand services, transportation to appointments and preparing light meals are just a few of the services Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas can provide. Keeping seniors safe and in their own homes is our priority.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering in-home care in Dallas, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care today. Call (214) 272-2188

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