Veterans Day reminds us all how important it is to honor those who put it all on the line to serve our country. While November 11th is officially the national holiday, it’s critical that war heroes get the credit and care that they deserve every single day of the year.

Unfortunately, many times veterans are not completely aware of the services they are entitled to. Did you know that some military veterans are entitled to home care assistance from the government? Have you ever wondered what kind of benefits are offered by Veteran Affairs?  The truth is, veterans may be eligible for reimbursements if they fit the right criteria. For more information on how to qualify, CLICK HERE.

Home care, companion care, and memory care are all great programs that Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas offers in the Irving, TX, area. These services can help with physical injuries, mental disorders and psychological stress like PTSD.

Even if you’ve never enlisted in the military or do not meet those specific qualifications, it’s still very possible that you need to find the right home care provider for you. We take pride in treating all of our members as heroes. You are all living exceptional lives, and when you reach your golden years, you deserve the VIP treatment.

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Ask yourself – Are you currently paying significant amounts out of pocket to have loved ones cared for?  Are they getting the treatment they deserve from professionals who care? If you are currently overspending for companionship at underwhelming care facilities, Golden Heart Senior Care might be worth looking into.

Your well-being is our goal. We embrace a “Clients in Charge” mentality to advocate for your rights while keeping you safe, healthy, happy and comfortable in your home. Our Memory Care program helps people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Its goal is to work with those who would like to sharpen their memory while having a caring companion by their side.

Some ways we lend a hand to our clients include:

  • Memory enhancing activities
  • Meal planning
  • Helping patients with dressing and grooming
  • Communication assistance
  • Medication support and reminders
  • Implementing safety measures to prevent driving, wandering and inappropriate use of appliances
  • Creating, recording and documenting moments of joy
  • Working with doctors, household contractors, insurance companies, etc.
  • Creative socialization
  • Transportation and company during errands, appointments and other events
  • Education and counseling support for families throughout all the stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

Whether or not you are going through Veteran Affairs, we can help customize a plan for you and your loved ones. For more information regarding Garland, TX, home care (which is similar to home health aide), visit or call 214-272-2188 today.

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