Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas is a new Medicaidin-home care in-home care provider for Superior HealthPlan.  Superior HealthPlan is a managed care provider for Dallas County.  The organization helps the state provide care funded by Medicaid to participants within Texas.  Golden Heart will participate as a provider for (PAS) Personal Attendant Services for in-home care.  Medicaid participants will now be able to select Golden Heart Senior care of Dallas as their in-home care providers.

Seniors with low-income that need assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, grooming, transferring, and meal preparation may be eligible for benefits from the state of Texas.  The benefits are funded by Medicaid and distributed by Superior HealthPlan.  Eligible participants can receive care paid for by Medicaid to assist them on a weekly basis.  Superior clients that meet the state requirements can request services.  If the clients are approved, they can select approved agencies to provide care.  The agency will send out caregivers to the patient’s home.  The care is provided at the senior’s place of residence.

About Golden Heart’s In-Home Care

The majority of Golden Heart’s patients are self-funded private pay clients.  Most of the agency’s caregivers are CNA’s that are properly trained for in-home care.  The company also employs a full time nurse to train the caregivers and provide information to its clients.  Golden Heart works to exceed state requirements to provide superior care to its clients.  The agency will extend the same quality of care to Superior HealthPlan clients that are covered under Medicaid.   Superior clients will have a reliable agency to call on with professionally trained caregivers to assist them with their ADL’s.

If you or someone else is interested in finding out more about the program please contact Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas at 214-272-2188.  Someone from their care team will gladly assist you with question about the program or in-home care in general.

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