Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas’ senior first mentality is why so many people recommend us to their friends, family, and colleagues. We do not believe in “good enough”. We believe in greatness that can be attributed to attention to detail and training our caregivers to provide client satisfaction in every facet.

How do we keep our clients happy? We do our best to keep seniors engaged, entertained, and both mentally and physically active. One way we do this is by participating in games and other fun activities that are fun and rewarding.

Here is a list of three activities that seniors enjoy during home care:

Card Games – There are many card games that people enjoy, which is why they are an ideal activity for those receiving home care. Some popular card games that can be played recreationally with two people include pinochle, poker, and rummy. Also, solitaire is a popular single card game that seniors can play while our caregivers take care of tasks like cooking and laundry. (Image Source)

Exercise – This all depends on your activity level. From lightweight dumbbells to assisting with physical therapy exercises, we feel that it is truly important to focus on simple workouts to improve cardiovascular health. We will be there to help during walks, stairs, stretching, and whatever athletic activities you are comfortable with.

Internet Applications – Senior citizens of today were not privy to cell phones and Google their entire lives. For some, it is a phenomenon that they prefer to leave alone, while others gravitate towards computers and tablets for entertainment and communication purposes.

Our caregivers will happily help you navigate the current programs that can connect seniors in Dallas to their loved ones across the globe. Some apps and functions that we will assist with Facebook, Skype, browsing the internet, and all of the other great innovations that bring joy to our clients.

Also, there are all kinds of mentally engaging games that can be downloaded (including card games, trivia games, and classic arcade games).

BONUS ACTIVITY IDEA – Board Games – Chess and checkers are the two most popular by far, but let’s not forget Connect 4, Guess Who, and Battleship. These games are easy to learn, and they do not take up much time. They are also great to have in case the kids and grandkids come over for a visit!

In addition to partaking in fun activities with our seniors, Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas also specializes in vital tasks including:

  • Bathing assistance
  • Eating or feeding
  • Grooming
  • Mobilization
  • Toileting and incontinence

By combining these critical tasks with fun and games, we can build trusting, long-lasting relationships with you and your loved ones. Similar to home health aides, we have professionally trained caregivers who make a great impact in Irving, TX, and the surrounding communities.”

Although we do not provide board games as a standard part of our program, we will escort our clients to their friends and family’s homes to pick them up and even to the mall (or for a quick walk and shop session. If you are in need of a Dallas / Irving (TX) caregiver, call us today at 214-272-2188. We are ready, willing, and able to assist you with your home care and companion care needs!

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