Having an experienced, loving senior home care provider in your home to help you with activities of daily living can improve your well-being and drastically increase your safety. It can also enhance your overall quality of life, allowing for more freedom and independence on a daily basis.

At Golden Heart Senior Care, we can provide you with an additional layer of safety and security. Our Philips Lifeline home monitoring solutions can make sure that you are never really home alone, offering you and your loved ones peace of mind that you are safe even when your senior home care provider is not there to offer assistance.

Philips lifeline

We have teamed up with Philips Lifeline, the developer of one of the most famous medical alert systems in the world, to further improve our senior home care services. Thousands upon thousands of seniors across the United States use this state-of-the-art device. More than 65,000 health care professionals recommend Philips Lifeline too.

While there is a button on the device that you can push in case of an emergency, this device is unique in that it automatically detects falls. It differentiates between normal, everyday activities such as sitting down or getting up and changing body position as a result of a fall. Philips Lifeline has an extremely low rate of false alarms, as it is programmed to react if the individual hasn’t gotten up within 30 seconds.

In case the individual doesn’t get up within half a minute, Philips Lifeline immediately notifies the Lifeline Response Center. A personal response associate can then call family members or senior home care providers or alert emergency services. This way, should anything happen to you, you can rest assured that help will arrive within minutes.

Philips Lifeline is a convenient device in the shape of a small pendant that you can carry around anywhere you go without even noticing that it is there. While using this device is incredibly easy – even if you do not push the button in case of a medical emergency, it will detect a change in height – one of our expert senior home care providers can show you how to use it, highlighting its many benefits as well.

Philips Lifeline is a great way to feel safe and connected with others even when you are home alone. It can call for help within 30 seconds after detecting a change in your position. In case of a serious fall or heart attack, this device can be a true lifesaver.

Golden Heart Senior Care of Dallas, TX provides Philips Lifeline services to the following areas in Texas:

Addison, Carrollton, Coppell, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Irving, Plano, Richardson, The Colony, and surrounding areas.